The Fourways Equestrian Club

Proudly presents

The Stepping Stones Super League Series

2020 / 2021

Keeping Things Fun & Educational

The Stepping Stones Super League Series was created as a local circuit for riders as a means to practice “Stepping-Up” to competing in the “BIG” world of graded shows.  We offer something for everyone in our multi discipline league.

ALL ages (4 years to 90 years) and ALL levels of riders are welcome.

The series also aims at promoting and development of various disciplines and creating a love for the Equestrian sport on a fun level.

About the league

The Stepping Stones Super League Series offers competitors ungraded shows, committed to having fun while advancing in all disciplines.  There will be informative workshops and clinics starting in January 2020 to complement the shows, with a Year End Awards evening in

December, where every rider will have the opportunity to look back on the achievements and growth throughout the season.

The Stepping Stones Super League Series

— Multi-discipline series including Show Jumping, Dressage, Equitation, Showing and Eventing

— Different levels starting with Level 0 (lead rein) up to Level 5 (1.00m riders)

— Ungraded shows (but ALL competitors AND competing clubs/yards need to registered with the Fourways Equestrian Club to participate)

— Development of various equestrian disciplines


— Each rider will receive a Stepping Stones Super League Series golf shirt with their first entry.

— Each rider will receive a badge (included in the initial entry fee) and after each show completed a coloured back piece to show your levels completed.

— Each rider will be registered on the Stepping Stones Super League database and earn points towards the final show in November.

— Prizes include beautiful rosettes and sponsored prizes if obtained.


              Welcome to show jumping

Level 0 – Poles on the ground & 30cm

Level 1 – 40cm & 50cm

Level 2 – 60cm & 70cm

Level 3 – 80cm

Level 4 – 90cm

Level 5 – 1.00m

Entry Fee:  R170.00 per class

SASJ Rules will apply – Club shirts allowed


Welcome to Dressage

Level 0 – Walk/Trot – Lead rein

Level 1 – Walk/Trot – Off Lead

Level 2 – Prelim

Level 3 – Novice

Level 4 – Elementary

We will also offer Freestyle Classes

Entry Fee:  R170.00 per class

Club shirts allowed


Welcome to Equitation

Level 0 – Beginner (POG & 30cm)

Level 1 – Welcome (40cm & 50cm)

Level 2 – Novice (60cm & 70cm)

Level 3 – Intermediate (80cm)

Level 4 – Intermediate (90cm)

Level 5 – Open (1.00m)

Entry Fee:  R170.00 per class

Equitation rules will apply – Club shirts allowed


Welcome to Showing

Level 0 – Lead rein(ALL ages)

Level 1 – Pony Riders

Level 2 – Juniors

Level 3 – Adults

Classes include:

Show  Performance

Working Riding

Working Hunter

Entry Fee:  R170.00 per class

 Club shirts allowed


Welcome to Eventing

Level 1 – 50cm

Level 2 – 60cm

Level 3 – 70cm

Eventing will be a 1 day event

Entry Fee:  R450.00 composite fee

per horse/rider combination

ESA Rules will apply – Club shirts allowed


Please visit the following links for discipline rules.

***Hard hats and boots are compulsory***

***For Eventing classes a body protector is compulsory***

***Club Shirts/Stepping Stones shirts allowed for all disciplines***

***ALL competitors/competing clubs need to be registered with Fourways Equestrian Club***


— Competitive Membership – Adult (over 18) – R500.00

— Competitive Membership – Juniors (13-18 years) – R300.00

— Competitive Membership – Pony Riders (12 years and under) – R100.00

— Social Membership – Parents/Guardians voting – R100.00

— Recreational Membership – (up to 1m) – R300

— Club Membership – Independent Club – R100

— Registered Official Membership – Registered discipline officials – FREE

— Registered Official Sponsor – FREE